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A Major delay

I feel this happens a lot, I am not posting as often as I plan to and here I am again apologizing for that. Due to funding issues I was doing overtime at my non-creative job which took time away from my awaken life. I have been getting photos from #Animelosangeles fashion show and at least have been posting photos to keep that ball going. I have also been creating characters and developing ideas and story. I recently saw that James Gun posted a tweet and there was an interview about his plain for the DC Universe and it got me thinking from what I (we) know that Kevin Feige (MCU) set up his story telling of the Movie franchise in Phases and to be honest I have been thinking about that too. As I am thinking about my stories and characters I start to get overwhelmed and it is really difficult to get anything written down I also feel that I am staying in one area to long . I love doing fashion shows but there is way to much gap between them not to mention getting designs done for said shows. I really do feel that #GalaofBlood was a big hit, it received a lot of positive feed back and it has helped me start two other themes for possible shoots and/or shows. Being that it is February (I know second month of the year already) I want to get something in motion. It was brought to my attention that I should be doing more photoshoots and BTS and personal videos to bring the audience in (I will admit that I am a very private person ) My universe is so vast and there is still so much to build I want to create an animation of the Birth of the Light (Genesis) and explain the War of Genesis.

I did create a Sacred Time line for Genesis to at least where the realms were created and the beginning of the Order of Balance. How I think I will really kickstart this is with a few one shots as what animes do (more of the older animes like Dragon ball Z, Sailor Moon and some others) Some of my inspections will be coming from story lines such as that and Gundam. As of right now the line up is to be

Arch 1 - Enter the creator and the travels through the ryuraverse this is where history and character development is done. The story of Genesis, its war the the Realms.

This will include major characters and the build of the power types of the Creator and the meaning of his appearance.

The Rise of the Androids and its history (little known fact only a few knew of this but never saw it as a threat)

Note: with this rebranding there are going to be things that will be removed, I will be introducing a new store as well as a new Tier which will be the sticker outlet, from what I was seeing at #Animelosangeles people loved the art I showed and some stickers where sold I will be doing more and talking mostly about the story and its building

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1 Comment

Jaysen Tetsuda
Feb 06, 2023

I believe you are putting a bit much stress on yourself to feel that you need to report in everyday. Yes, it is nice to see what you are doing but please post when you feel you have something to share. Like this, I can not wait to see the creator arrival. Does that mean you are done with the designs? I want to see more of the Creator, what are his skills, powers anything elemental? Where is he from if he is arriving??!?!?

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