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Anime Los Angles is over.....

Man what a con that was, the build up to the events and to getting there and and and etc...

The first time I was the one driving to the con and thankfully I was not alone going. I really dont know where to begin. The con was amazing I truly love Anime Los Angles I know there are others out there but man there is something about the energy of it that makes me feel welcomed.

Now lets start with the formal night which was thursday my first day, something I really loved the last time I was there in 2020 and man it was a much bigger room and more light but it seemed that it was not are awesome feeling as the last one I was at partly because it kind of triggered feelings but I am glad I created something new and had two awesome people with me. Not only have I worked with them but also have the honor of call them both friend. I did not dance

we were on a line for sometime due to max space in the room. But one thing about a con is that you get to meet some interesting people and see some cool cosplays. I wore my Bushin formal Opera coat and my grey vest. We did stay for a while and than walked about because the next day was the fashion show and we needed to get our rest and I feel that I was getting hungry. It was a nice start to a very interesting con. I think I will leave some photos from the first night and will continue to Day II tomorrow when I have rested

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1 Comment

Jaysen Tetsuda
Jan 11, 2023

Wow they look great!

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