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Anime Riverside Fashion 2022 [Success]

Day one was a crazy day, started with a gym session because I was up at 630 in the morning. Sleep was not my friend, I could not pass out I didn't know what I was feeling. Getting started was not hard at all, getting everything together was challenging but I had such an awesome team and being three people short at first was stressful to my but we were able to have our elements completed that was most important to me. The makeup came out amazing! I am sorry i did not get close ups on it (which i normally do)

-mental note- make sure you have an assistant in future shows/events/projects

Snacks and water were there but truth be told i never thought about food, my mind was racing all day. To be honest i was afraid that it was hosted outdoors because well the sun was not kind to anyone and the wind as well, during rehearsal the day before it was VERY windy which caused to to wonder bad about today. But the wind came at the right time because it was really hot and I felt for my team. Another thing I never worked with was host and commentary which was pretty awesome i have to say. Hearing the birth of the elements and the other characters i was very impressed.

Saturday was the more eventful day with the show and walking around with my crew even though i feel i did not get enough photos. I will need a assistance for sure because my brain can not always process what's needed at the time and i hate to feel that i wish i had more.

It has been over two years since ALA 2020

Outside of that i would say it was worth the last 3 months of sewing and what my life has been going through.

What's next? Well there is a Vegas invasion, I am waiting on that. We are looking at October and I am already thinking about that. In two weeks I would like to go to LA Fashion district and do some fabric shopping so i may not be sewing right now I want to draw somethings so that I can have an idea of what i am getting when i go up there.

ALA is a 100% yes fashion show or not i am going to be there but that's not till January so I have time for that and than there is the NJ trip but i have to figure that out.

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