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Updated: Jun 30, 2020

I want to continue typing a blog, I want to keep my thoughts and plans in order. I hope that soon I will have my story out, one thing I decided to do was to have some artist assist with a few one shots to get the juices flowing. Now all the one shots will be origin stories, explaining things such as the creation of the universe, who the Great Light is. A back story to the empress and the kingdom of Bushin. I have been working hard getting concepts and time lines in some kind of order.

Out side of this, I continue to create. With CoVID19 keeping us all on edge I have created mask from the simple to the creative crazy. I will continue to have Ready to wear looks inspired from the story as you saw with Bushin Street Wear (which I will be revisiting that soon)

I tell you I really miss cons, its a good way to network and well interact with future fans but right now I am taking this time to build and im planning that by December we should have a few things going

This is a sneak peak of the concept story this is not a final image

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