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Can this be?

So much has been going on, I am going to find another way to post on here so that you all get first news of anything that is happening in the RyuraVerse. Speaking of such I received an email last night that I really didnt think was coming ......

Yes, not only am I going to Anime Los Angeles aka ALA But I am also bringing the House to the con! Its been two years since Ive done a showcase (right before shut down) which means I will be closing all request and projects for this event. Because I am creating a gala theme!

Yes, this struck a cord in my creative mind because well all models cant be warriors and sometimes the people that are there to see a fashion show want glamor so you want that I am going to bring it! But what would the gala be based on....

Every 40 years the Royal Families of Bushin open the gates to the universe and gather people from all over to be part of the Gala of Blood, a time where no one is at each others throat and everyone can be at ease and eat and drink for 3 nights. No one dies, not fighting on royal grounds nothing but bliss and pleasure!

This show is going to be amazing, I havent done an all gown/glam showcase before but working with Fashion Week San Diego I have seen some really nice looks that gave me something to work with, I believe that was when the universe was thinking you get it now right? Here comes ALA and I kid you not I got the email sometime yesterday I didnt even notice it was from ALA till I back tracked this morning and read it.

This weekend is going to be the showcase for the Fenir and I will get two to present at the Gala, because my plan is that sometime in the not so distant future I am going to host a Gala based on this event in the story maybe even a halloween party or something. I will start drawing this week but I still have somethings to put together for this weekend but that is all I have right now warriors until next time.......

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1 Comment

Jaysen Tetsuda
Oct 11, 2022

That is fucking great news man, Its about time and great concept its going to be amazing state a kickstarter or something! You are going to rock that shit man

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