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Day II - The return of Ryura Designs

The Big day, the reason why the GoFund me was created, the many weeks of sewing and sewing with no way of doing fittings or any promo shoots the time was here! Call time 10am getting my rolling rack to the dressing room waiting for everyone to show up. I wasnt as bad as I have been in the past. I was beyond thrilled when my attendance was 100% I was beyond happy when all the clothing looked amazing and who wore what worked out so so well.

Three years since my last ALA appearance THREE YEARS!!!!!

It was really good being there and a new Convention Center too, it was amazing. I will admit I did forget something... I made a new dress for the empress and well I was planning on putting on buttons and well the dress was left in the closet. There was a moment were I didn't see the lighting gown and I was freaking out more than I was for the Empress dress But it was found and there is footage of me freaking out. I have to say that Denice, Ryan and Chloe were big help for this event because they took the roles 100% and I could not be happier. We were able to get alot of BTS and there were photographers getting runway footage I really feel there was a good amount of footage I honestly would have loved to have gotten a few dramatic shots with my new cyborg character and the empress. Once I develop more story I can do something more.

I know there were a few that seemed nervous and walked with them to guide them which I know can help, I did not realize that the designer before me M.Rage had a short line up of course I was not aware of LOL and when I saw that I realized that our time was coming and that was my freak out moment (There is footage on youtube of the show and here is the time stamp 36:21 ) But you know what I will always have one of those to balance the great build up to that moment.

I truly want to thank Arilith, Amber, Kikii , Jem , Skye, Linzy, Nina , Clarissa , Kendra, Liat , Marina and Leonora

It was really good to be back and can not wait to put my content out of the RyuraVerse stay tuned for more!!

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