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Four more days and Im freaking out

Another day down and so close to go. I finished what I needed to do I wanted to make a mask for myself but I cant seem to find my new pattern :(

I need to complete the intro and commentary they want to have for the show now for me fashion shows introduce characters and tells my story. They want us to talk about the look, inspiration and style... My creativity is produced by this baby dragon in my minds eye that I can not control and can not get answers to where this shit came from. I just make it happen.

As much as I am freaking out I am looking forward to driving up to Riverside and breathing for some hours before I start freaking out again.

But you may wonder why I freak out... well as organized as I think I am I always something is going to fall apart, someone bails, I forget something, music files crash. I get worked up that my looks are not good enough, people dont get my vision or just straight rejection....

I over think about alot of things, going to cons are my escape and I get to refuel my creative mind.. I will be solo for this and pretty much all my adventures of cons going forward which im ok with (Ive accepted this fact) I have to get back to this bio first and talk about myself....

I will update more tomorrow

Here is a peek of the elements and myself

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