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Gala of Blood

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

For those that caught the awesome news I am doing something that is "normal" of fashion shows but this is part of my story. I would think that everyone knows that a Gala is (dont worry if not click here ) As far back as I can remember I always wanted to go to The MET Gala because it was a amazing event and you get so see so much fabric beauty (i mean not always but most of the time) I really let that dream go, for sometime now i have found fashion inspiration in the Ryuraverse from the culture of its worlds. Now the Bushin empire is a main focal point of things that happen on the ground. The Royal family even though they are on one planet has connections to most other cultures and people but the gates/boarders to their grounds are closed.


From the beginning of their history the Royal family has found the Fernir to be a threat to what they were building on this newly discovered planet. War ruled the lands for many years there were some clans that wanted to put an end to the blood shed and the royal family agreed that they could come to a resting moment where they could sit and discuss terms to come to a agreement. The first attempt to this was a failure this was used to get into the gates of the land but the Fenir factions were pushed back. War grew more and more destructive than a young empress found interest in some of them and wished to speak with them. She and her Royal Guard were able to meet with members of the faction, time was spend and food and culture was shared once again they agreed to meeting and a hall was built that would be neutral ground which will gain trust on both sides. Now when the gathering happened the young empress did not want to hear of fighting, death and debates This was a peaceful time this lasted for 2 days of music laughter and pleasure. That was till the third night which is marked as the final night the young empress fell into her power and hunger lashed out on one of the younger fenirs which cause fighting and fear, once they were able to separate the two it was never made public that a fenir would surrender a goblet of life for 40 years of peace where at that time they could come and celebrate this moment in history no matter what was happening in the world this is what i now known as the Gala of Blood

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2 hozzászólás

Jaysen Tetsuda
2022. okt. 17.

This is awesome! Wow so wait, this empress is this the same empress? She seems nice in this moment did something happen to her growing up? Is she human? How old is she?

The Creator
The Creator
2022. okt. 17.
Válasz címzettje:

You will have to give me that time to tell the story don’t worry

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