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How it started

I know many have been wondering where the empress came from. Who are the bushin? Where did the creator come from? There are cat people?!?! For those that have seen the photos of my showcases or even have been to my events you have noticed my shows are not fashion directed. I am telling a story... what is this story?

The story itself started 10 years ago, when my father died, a world that I knew was nothing more than death and silence. A world I once called home was destroyed by and unknown force driven by an unknown reason. We all died that day, it was more than a flash of light. Darkness found any living being and it looked that it took the light out of them. Others were killed in waves of attacks. Monsters appeared from the darkness that formed in the sky. I saw my end. A flash of light, emptiness and than a swirl of lights and than a ceiling of black and white hexagons.... silence... not even wind.

This is how I started the story but do i just throw readers in without history, I guess i could but i wanted to have some foundation because this story is a small piece to a much larger story. The grand plan is to build a universe that I could share, a sandbox it you must. My mind has had stories and characters for a long time and even though i am not the best at comic art I understand that if one has a vision teams can be made (hell look at the MCU) But with such a massive goal i fall off track a lot. I am thankful for the outlet of the fashion shows but i need to do more and the foundation will be coming from the shop with plans of making 3D figures, stickers, Tshirts, posters and even inspired garments for fans to have.

I want to see my universe come to life small screen or big screen but my story will be told. Motivation is the key even if there is none to be found. This blog is going to be used more from small entries to massive idea story BTS plans you name it. This is why the blog is now members only no fee no type of loyalty stuff, I do accept donations and really any support. House of Ryura is more than just fashion its a universe for fans and artist because if you are here you are one of or both.

Getting my thoughts in order will be challenging but using the tools that I have with the time I can move forward.... where do I start you ask?

The Beginning of life itself of course the birth off The Holy Light.... some call her God... one calls her the enemy

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