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How it started part 2....

When you focus on art you tend to brake it down to its meaning, other times you find yourself lost in its future. I believe earlier this week I was thinking about or even talking to someone about how this started for me and it always starts with my fathers passing but this time I went straight to the visions and the destruction of my place away from home. I made a amazing discovery.... the darkness that was created which is the darkness that invades and destroys my home (in the story ) Is the same darkness that comes and ruins my life and "Home".

That Darkness is cancer, I didn't see it at all all this time, when I describe the darkness taking over someone its come out of you almost like a symbiote but more liquid

and misty. Most of the time its out of the eyes like tears because of the rage and the of set of mental and emotion taking over your body and mind.... some can over come it and use the powers of the darkness which are similar to Syphors or Phyters or you become a warrior of the shadows with no real identity you are part of a collective or hive

Some of the Shadow warriors are generals but that is a hive decision they do not talk out loud but if there is a voice it is the Master of the shadows, someone that has not been seen since the War of the Stars when the universe was young. The darkness itself is the emotions of the world and have physical forms that can cause major dangers to the universe if not checked. I find it interesting that I am now seeing the darkness as the ultimate evil and how it takes over a person similar to cancer. There are many personal points to my universe but the main goal is to have a developed universe with Lore, history and powers for others to play in (A sandbox sort of speak) I would also like to have stats and D&D related concepts to it hell maybe some of the major characters have stat sheets or something similar and that reminds me maps and planets have to come up too but I like sharing my plans and thoughts with my readers things are coming along and by my next showcase more details will come about.

On another note I will be creating a news letter with major points and there is a shop where stickers, graphic tees and other merchandise will be on sale.....

Thank you again for your support and there will be more to come

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1 Comment

Jaysen Tetsuda
Aug 13, 2022

Are you going to be doing horror? This could truly be of nightmares

Like Multiverse of Madness stuff!

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