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I have not abandoned

I want to start off by thanking all that follow my blog, follow my story and to those that have worked with me. These last two years have been tough, they have also been fruitful. As an artist I was given a chance to create even though my "other life" has taken more time than I wish to give it. I may have not created physical art my digital pile has grown. Characters are coming to life and stories are forming, I have not forgotten those that have assisted with fellow character development

I am thinking about patreon..... finding a way to go beyond this blog share my universe and build something that can truly be something awesome.

Speaking of such, my assistant Friday made a post today because we got word that a project I was part of was published and yours truly has made front cover!!! (my name anyway) I would hope that I could get the word out and share the post (right now I am not on FB) but my like page is still active and will be up in the morning

here is the link to where you can get your own copy and to check out the cover

Im proud of it, I met the model through a friend who we worked together I discovered that she had cancer and through her stories she has beaten it. Her journey to be who she is is something and I created a look for her and this was the shoot that was done. below is the cover of the magazine

It made my day when she messaged me the news I cant wait to get my copy and now I head back to my quiet spot to create I would love to get some ideas for patreon

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