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Man has it been a month?!

A picture and say many things and its always better than explaining lol, but seriously I am sorry i have not posted in sometime. I have been busy working on social media (if you follow me there too) and creating for that awesome event coming in October! But I tell you I can not wait for my vacation. Once that is all said and done I will be getting ready for Anime Los Angeles (which is in Long beach now lol) Havent heard if I will be doing the fashion show to be honest I dont want to this coming year but I know its still early for them and I will be creating no matter what because I have characters to create. I have a special character I am creating for the event and will be an important being the in the universe but more on that later. Right now I wanted to talk about the event which is turning into coming pretty damn amazing. We are building a nice team of models and flow artist, there is even a male flow artist which I am happy to have. I will be making something for myself too and I have to get my supplies together because man this is a month away. So what does that mean?

This showcase is about the #Fenir This is their environment this is where they celebrate and unite. Pay respect to their protector the guardian of them all. During the time of the festival I will be off the grid which I am looking forward to this so much too. I am hoping to not travel solo but for adventures I am going to do it.

I know that I have not been posting for a month and this is going to be short but I promise to update a bit more over the weekend, until next time warriors

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1 Comment

Jaysen Tetsuda
Sep 17, 2022

This photo says you are working hard! That looks like your staple dress but the color and pattern is new. I wish I could see the showcase, does that mean no live feed we will have to wait till you get back. Thats fine I can wait Hahaha 😂

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