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Moving to a new Universe

This weekend was a relaxing time for me but alas I did not get what I planned on doing. The end of 2020 9s at hand and thankfully I have a day off this week so I will be cramming (like college) I have some awesome projects going on thanks to CoVid but I cant get them to life because of CoVid so there will be alot of challenging photo projects to come.

I will be posting this else where but I am looking to finally create weapons and armor as well as other things based on the stories im writing out so I am asking for assistance in this matter I have pretty much all that is needed

outside of that Video is going to be a big things later in 2021 as well as some voices and people with mobility nothing crazy but there will be fight scenes.

I will make this public from this Day forward Fashion related media will be a bare minimal as I stated in my info I create personas not fashion

This means if you cosplay or want to step out of the normal model work by all means stay tuned

I will see you all next year, Be safe stay well and healthy

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