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One more day till Anime riverside... FREAKOUT!!!

So it happen, just when I thought my return to the runway was not going to be stress free....

My Makeup artist got sick... I can not make any changes but thankfully I have cosplayers in my roster so we will make it. Oh did I also mention that I somehow lost my rolling rack (yeah how the #$^% do you loose a rolling rack?!!?) Thankfully I was able to replace it last min but funds I was not ready to spend lol Tonight I cleaned my work station and I will tell you it has not be cleaned since I set it up. But everything is put away and im thinking of putting my machines in the shop gotta find out where they moved to. I am looking forward to going to this con, I wont be stuck at a booth which is cool but I wont be able to sell my stickers and tshirts but thats ok. I did get my ticket for ALA for january and looking forward to that as well (I have to say that its my favorite)

But what is next? I am waiting on some news that I know I will be getting soon. I will be working on my universe and art more. Getting the website up and focusing on the shop for support to get my comic made which I can not wait to get that going. Outside of that I havent really though of the next step which I really need to because after a show I ground myself not really myself to branch off but this has to change. Right now I am going to call it a night listen to some music and get my pedi tomorrow I will be posting photos and the stories on IG until than GOOD NIGHT

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