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Out of the Office

I wanted to make a post a couple of days ago I planned this trip some months ago and its finally happening, I am in Jersey City for a week to come back to the beginning and rebuild, I flew in this morning around 5 am and got some Dunkin Donuts coffee and was really missing that (sorry not a Starbucks fan), spent time with my mother and reconnecting.

That's what this trip is about, reconnecting being in the company of people that knew me before my new identity.

I would like to post photos you can see alot of todays travel on my @damionryura the story ran most of the day LOL but its been really nice being home I have some plans and my birthday is Sunday which is packed with people too

I want to say again thank you to all that support me I have a major show coming up in January and I want to be able to have my booth ready for people to come check out which I will be updating in the next couple of weeks (like new stickers shhhhhh) well its 1 am here so I am going to sleep now

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