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Please excuse my absence

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Since my first post I have been pre-occupied with putting my life together, but I have not forgotten the true meaning of my creativity. House of Ryura invaded Anime Los Angeles back in January presenting the creations of "Balance". What is "Balance" you ask? Its the story of the creator and the universe that I am creating from which all my designs come from. I will go more into detail here. I want to thank those that support me, I want to thank those that attended the show and visited the table. I love attending ALA it was my first con moving to San Diego, I love the time it falls on too I look forward to it every year. Now I dont do shows every year but I think this next one 2021 I will do something truly different and I will show you all in due time. for now here is the link to the photos from the showcase at Anime Los Angeles 2020 Fashion Show!!!

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