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Pushing to a better 2022 & beyond

Much time has passed since I lost posted but I have been working on my big project that is going to make big waves this year. With that said I wanted to talk about plans for this year, now I haven't gone to a con in over two years (Anime Los Angeles was my last Jan 2020.....)

I would like to announce that I will be invading cons even if its one day. There was a announcement that Anime Pasadena has a sister Con called Anime Riverside!! Sadly I have not gone to Pasadena yet and that is in the cards for November of this year. The Riverside con is in June and I would love to go even if its one day.

My plan for con invasions is this, go as the Creator and have a few others cosplay as characters in the ryuraverse something that my buddies Arilith and Linzy did and I cried because I was not able to be there and the support that i get from these two are heroic.

Now what I would like to do is get some looks done for Syphors of all the elements and also to add Phytors too and really see what happens this year.

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