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Rome was not built....

Elements of the universe

Races... Planets.... Big bang....

Celestial beings, rulers and villains

Story..... history..... lore

So much to put together, at the same time trying to stay alive

during this crazy time. I am running a little contest, I could use some

help naming a race. I want to bring in a feline humanoid race

something similar to elves but I dont want to bring in elves its become to


So this feline race are nature loving, connected to nature and the great light.

Natural born fighters, some connected to elements but alot of them care not to.

They are on the brink of extinction, have been fighting for their freedom and

equal rights for centuries both male and female.

I have made a story post on my instagram page @DamionRyura you are also more than welcome to leave a comment here to be part of the contest

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1 comentario

Jaysen Tetsuda
27 oct 2020

I can wait to see and read it, I know its going to be amazing. You are talent and good natured go kick ass

Me gusta
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