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Something new... Part 1

Now as I mentioned about the Fenir I was invited to present at a special and different venue. Something that is more festival out in a open area. Which I think I am going to call out of work to do this. I cant talk much about it at the moment but I think this is a good opportunity to bring the Fenir race out and about. This would be a great way to get flow artist involved I dont know if I would include fire maybe just LED toys at that time. Hell I may even join in if I practice enough and not feel overly embarrassed.

But it will be a small collection and I will change it up a bit may even do a bodysuit or two But I have not gotten the details and its not as public as of yet

Ever since that amazing photo meetup I did (Twice) meeting amazing flow artist with fire and LED having amazing friends that hav guided me into it I want to create for this community as well and I feel this could be a good start. I mean I dont think I would become a festival or a burner but a flow artist HELL Yes!

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Jaysen Tetsuda
Aug 21, 2022

You going to a music festival? Well thats a new type of event for you!

Thats cool cant wait to see the results

The Creator
The Creator
Aug 23, 2022
Replying to

Yes! And they want me to showcase!

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