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Taking a step back

Dont worry im not going anywhere but last night messed my flow up a bit, I was going to stream for a bit and I ran into some issues with the capture card I use for streaming being that it is a low grade device im guessing that it was only time that it would happen so now with that I am rebuilding the stream direction being that said my ideas for overlays are going to be related to the afterlife of the RyuraVerse the heaven, limbo and Hell of it I will be creating digital art of them this week. Something that I noticed is the attraction to hexagons I seem to like them as a design and on things so you will see them in the layouts too. Also this gives me a chance to figure out my platform (Stream Labs or Elements)

Also thinking about how many projects Im in or really how far im being stretched with my creations


The Fashion itself

The RyuraVerse (story, character creation digital and clothing)

Streaming (Gaming and lab work)

Crafting weapons armor (part of the RyuraVerse direction)

My shop and website

These are the things that are from the top of my head. Keeping a schedule on what to work on is where I fall short but thanks to the blog (which I am also trying to keep all of you up to date) I find that I can do that

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Jaysen Tetsuda
31 Μαρ 2021

The universe works in strange ways keep moving forward, everything will make sense brother

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