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The love and thunder that sparked me

This will not be a post about my feelings about Thor:L/T I will not be doing that here but I will say that my feelings towards this movie did spark the creative fire that i needed to move forward. I have thought that my character creations has to be based on what makes it fashion related which is changing slowly but now i have some amazing plot ideas and one shots that i can write. Will make them to web comics soon. But the characters that got my attention gave me new thoughts on the elements too specially the Shadow. Seeing all those gods gave me some ideas for the future and unbalance of the elements and the masters, SOOOO much Im really excited i want to start streaming again (I know i keep saying it)

It is really tough building a universe and lore, not to mention keeping focus on story when there is just so much going on in the world including my own life. I will say I am thankful for those that believe in me and support me, I wanted to make a quick post about the spark i had and want to draw some more things but i am tired and need to rest a lot of media intake today (watched Thor 2 End Game and some You tube videos before the movie LOL)

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Jaysen Tetsuda
10 jul. 2022

Stream when it feels right dont force it things happen when they happen

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