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The Stages of the story

I have looked through my plots and ideas for some days now trying to get everything in order without 1. overwhelming me and my artist and 2. confusing and overwhelming readers. I truly believe that Marvel Studios had the right idea in which I call the IV method, as much as people wanted to have it all at one time the way they introduced things in their order was healthy and productive in the movies.

So what I have decided is that I will start with a few "One shots" which gives the introduction to the universe and some key factors in the time line and history. This will include many origin stories as well as back story to some characters ideals.

This will also put you into the "Sandbox" (More on that in the future)

From that we head into Stage II at this point I am not given the ok to mention any more than stage II other than this is focus on races and the tie in to their worlds but that is all I can say at this point. I continue to write down story ideas and more connections to the universal story

This is one of those times I wish I had made my story in high school into a digital back up back then....

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