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Traveling my worlds...

One thing is completed

The light and the Dark, the creation of the two and their seconds. One thing I really find challenging but fun at the same time is putting together lore based on things that you believed in your own world. I am putting myself in this, not just my emotions and creativity but my persona. But who am I?

I look back at my travels and understand I have collected many traits and personas. Damion Ryura is a fusion of many things that have come together and you could see that in the travels of his adventures. I wanted to give him a unique power being that he is not of that universe, he will be known as the creator. It was said that a stranger would aide in rebonding the very fabric of the universe. (Yes I know very corny)

What he would be able to do is manifest (or create) things such as armor and weapons from the energies of limbo. This would be possible due to the fact that he can open portals and form these items there (And only there)

I wont go to much into it but thats the idea of him, now back to a idea I have been running with. I am running a drawing to name the feline race in my universe and I have gotten many entries (THANK YOU!)

A little more about them, they are a native race. Living off the land, respecting nature connecting with the great light and absolute Dark. They understand balance and protect it. They hate unnatural and thing from robots to things that are not created from nature or the light (even the dark) They do not use elemental magic but they do manipulate the soul energy in the universe that gives them a unique ability that make the psychic bond. (more on that in the later)

Thats all for now be sure to sign up for updates. You can follow me on Instagram and facebook (Damion Ryura)

Thank you all

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