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What happen...

Let me start with a sincere apology, I did not mean to keep you all in the dark (out of the loop) you may have seen what I am doing in the social media stories but this is were the real information goes.

To be honest coming back to san diego was a bit hard, my trip to Nj was so much fun. Spent a lot of time in Manhattan and with friends and family. Memories of who I was say when I was in college or when I was younger hit so hard. It was a truly reality check but there was no way I was going to stay there. I am building something in San Diego and also the west!

Even though I have been silent does not mean I've stood still. Once I cam come I started working on patterns and ideas and there is footage I can share.

I dont think ive worked this hard, I have created 9 dresses in about a month the patterns were done in about two to three weeks and that is also because I was (yes WAS) working from home but that changed about two weeks ago. Which has made things a bit more challenging but I am making it through. The GoFundMe has been helping too A bit thank you to all that have donated. I will admit that the closer ALA comes the more stressed I feel, being honest with myself there are times I want to give up, times where I feel that I am not good enough or question why I even try to do this when I feel that I am not true to myself. I think about the people I have met, those that I inspire, help in feeling better about themselves and even educate. I understand the artist life I challenging and because of all of you I can continue to stand on my two feet. Thank you!

Now what is the plan for ALA? Models have been selected, picking out music and will write out the blurb for the introduction of the showcase and will be mapping out the walk as well (something I dont normally do and feel strange when I have to force myself to figure it out)

Let see I also have to get this order in for my shirts, get some more stickers and prep my menu when I am at the hotel. I really can not wait but at the same time there are things that I have to finish and this week is crunch time (reminds me of college) I am going to head to bed and here I will leave you with clips of creations

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1 Comment

Jaysen Tetsuda
Dec 26, 2022

Its good to know that you are still moving towards ALA, thank you for letting me (readers) know I will share the Gofund me hopefully something big will come through. loved the video

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