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When you need to create to promote

Yes the main site has been limited for sometime and YES, I have had a event and could possibly have curious people wanting to know more about me and YES all I am using is Controlled social media BUT YES! I did have A epic battle with Covid thankfully I won but I was out for two weeks or so it was brutal but now I am back in action with a lot of things on my plate personal and creative.

My main focus is working on the site this weekend, there are 4 major parts for the website.

First is the information of me the character and the creator/designer

SECOND! is the Fashion, why? because it is connecting to the store and the Tier 1 of the merch, this is the stickers the bags the t-shirts etc etc ....

THIRD! Because the fashion has been mentioned there is the Flow and free concept. With this I have worked with flow artist and will be making gear so that I can also wear dope stuff so that I can dazzle too. Also with this there is something that is coming up that could reach flow lovers too

Which leads to my FORTH and FINAL!!!

The RyuraVerse, now with the Ryuraverse there is a entire universe that will have fashion, action, emotions and even flow. Yes I said flow well think about it there are two major "Cultures" that could be included this is the Bushin clans and the #Fenir

So I want to start with the Fenir, which started from this post (Please check it out) They are the natives to the planet that is shared with the Bushin its a cruel tale that I will touch on in the future. Think of them as the Elves of the universe some are powerful tribal beings there are some (most) who are more like the flow community their style of dressing are more loose flowing light gear to bodysuits and some can be quite provocative and are connected to the planet and nature, the guide and the great spirit. The flow and spin fire and a version of LED that is natural light that can be controlled with the soul. It's not the way of the syphor due to the fact that Fenir can not connect to the elements they have their own type of magic that is connected to the wind/air and also the ground. They don't use the flow art as a way of fighting but some might incorporate it to a style. They are a sensual type of race, they have a strong bond with the energy of the universe and to the Great Light.

Now with the Bushin...

They are an empire combined of families and clans, the flow they do is for fighting that some may use as a performing for the Empress and Galas (More on that in future post)

They use blood for magic and fighting which is based from their race which will be explained when the news letter is started (emails will be going out) They too have a connection to energy but not with the great light which can destroy them. If you want to think more like the fire nation for now thats fine but there will be more on them later.

That is my break down of how the site is laid out, I would like to create more content for the site and not just for social media and with that means more pro like creating even if its with my iphone 12 max that can do some pretty nice photos if I cant get a photographer but I rambled long enough for now.

Until next time Warriors

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