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The Creator traveled to Comic Con

We interrupt you normally scheduled Ryuraverse Blogging for this important announcement. I would like to talk about the time I entered the Multiverse of Madness

How did I obtain this beautiful piece of paper you may ask.... There was no soul to be sold nor dragons to be slayed. I saw a post of a friends and I jumped on it and I was able to get myself a ticket. I also was able to have some awesome people to be around that I met up with the day before for fun (that I needed so much)

Comic Con is a amazing place, to me this is the secret boss of my life, something that I would enjoy but understand that I may not get to fight it every event. Anime Los Angeles is my Final Boss, my super bowl the Wrestlemania. What this dose is refuel my creative brain. I have time away from the everyday life and get to be part of a creative hive. I know that when I dress up my look is not familiar but the more times I do it the more ideas I get for the next time if its not a show case. For example, I will be creating a QR code to the website, create Collector cards with information on them with my IG or other social media. For me to go to Cons is the best way to see others and express creative life. I will display a few photos from Today I have more on my social media page FaceBook

Once I got home from Comic Con I had so many ideas and started the voice note taking because I am going to move forward, The MCu is my inpiration and helps me understand the tie ins. Writing stories are touch and having the Impostor syndrome is really bad it creates things that puts you back many days if not months. So when I hear nice look, cool jacket or something like that I really helps because I know that I am already creating negative criticism.

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