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Before there was life.....

When you want to have a universe all to yourself you have to start from the beginning. I give you my prime elements of the Ryuraverse (I swear this is going to be a trending hash) I am creating text that will explain the elements that are similar to the opening text of genesis. But of course with a more creative spin on it. I am so proud of myself and the suggestions given to me for these. I have to say that the support I get for moving forward with this project has been amazing and I am ever so thankful for it. I want to continue to update here with art and fashion because I feel that the social media platform has grown toxic and those who are truly gifted are be pushed to the dark corners and not noticed unless we do whats trending just to be part of the collective (No thank you)

Side Note: hashtags I always use #ryuradesigns #ryuraverse #fashionxcosplay & #Houseofryura are my main ones

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