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Elements in the RyuraVerse

From the last post from the photo shoot it has come to my attention that I have not explained how elements work and what is the meaning to them.

When the universe was created.....

there was a concentrated mass explosion (aka the Big Bang) this creative a massive energy source that took shape and its excess energy scattered through out. This energy became sentient and began to travel is vast emptiness. To their wonderment of the vastness it started to feel sadness and loneliness. Tears formed as two figures appeared from this sorrow. One of the beings reached out to wipe the tears away which created the flow of water and planets were formed, through the burst of energy when these two beings were born this spark created from these sparks created a comic flame which fell to the nearest planet, one of the newer beings pushed the water to the flames to put out the fires. The disciple spoke "I believe we should have students to be masters of the elements"

The great light gave one of the disciples the power to create three beings, student of water a student of fire and a student of lighting where created. The great light spoke, life is being created as I speak, chaos can follow from the elements you are created to master. Now go learn, build and master. You are free." The students vanished

This was the creation of the elements and were the students become masters where this leads to the Syphors and the phyters.

Sometime has passed the first students became masters of the elements, though time they found their place in the universe. This starts their second part of the words from the light freedom... building a collective of those that mentally connect to elements. Though the trainings there have been a few who have not connected mentally or have the lack of the mental connection they do have a spiritual connection which flows through the body, with that can give the user that element of fight in which was given the title Phyters

I will continue this with sketches next time but I wanted to type this part out because I have to have this all mapped out before I can move on with later stories

As you watch this video this explains how light was created from the many attempts......

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Jaysen Tetsuda
Mar 31, 2021

Wait is this really how it happen? please Damion I need to see more

The Creator
The Creator
Apr 02, 2021
Replying to

Don’t worry we a building

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