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Five days till Riverside!!

Its been over two years since Ive done a fashion/show case let alone go away for a con. What I think is cool is that this is Riversides first con Anime Riverside is the sister con of Anime Pasadena which ive wanted to do for sometimes but with CoVid and job well that was always derailed, this time I was able to work this out. I am going to be honest I am nervous!

Its been sometime and its been hard to get people to sign up to do the showcase.

I want to have music so when I post it I wont get smacked with DMCA crap. I have make up concepts ready and today I an working on some add ons like gloves that have element augments on them

Here is my first one the hex piece is fire or ember I’m working on another one after I’m done updating

I am very excited for the road I’m on, there are somethings that I need to work on before the next event is mentioned. Like cleaning up my place because there is fabric and stuff everywhere. I call this Phase II with that I will be focusing on major things one of them is streaming again, that is going to lead to other plans but I’m do miss streaming and I have to stop being afraid of the concept and set my times and go on it was fun when I did it before and will need to promote when I’m online. I have a lot to think about but going to Riverside and having fun is the main priority.

I will be scheduling more posting ( I know ive said that before) specially counting down to the Con but also I want to make a sub goal and would like to have this as my place of updating away from Social media I want to keep this blog to those that support me and I want to thank you, it really means a lot!

Thank You

Damion Ryura

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Jaysen Tetsuda

Good luck to you, its good to see you active cant wait to see all the photos!!

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