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Making time....

(Clearing dust) Social media seems to always take the focus, I would like to share my ideas and projects with my subscribers and believe me i have not forgotten. I have been at the studio working very hard at completing my looks for AnimeRiver side, not to mention the product for the shop. I know people love stickers and well i am working to build a nice library and stock of stickers which i think i will make limited.

So what are you working on now?

If i take a glance to my work station my final top for "Dirty English" Micro Collection

I must must finish the Syphor Water Hat to complete that look also the Ember Element belt also. I have some gloves with elemental attachments, not to mention I have two additional pieces for the Empress herself.

Its been over two years since ive done a con or even a showcase, I vision is not to have a fashion show but to start telling a story.... not my story but one of a universe to invite others to play and build.. artist of different mediums.

Art is not about whos better its about how we can work together share our vision and be children in art class being happy

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1 Comment

Jaysen Tetsuda
May 16, 2022

Keep it up, have fun with it think big! You got this

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