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Not gone...

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

It has been sometime since I posted any updates and I am sorry...

Life well has taken some unexpected changes and right now i am working to rebuilding after the collapse of a foundation. They say art is a form of expression and I have allowed myself to channel those feelings from my heart to my creative mind to my hands.

I will admit i have not sown in months and well i am behind but i have continued to draw and take notes of the universe i am building.

Speaking of building I will be working on creating 3D models and clothing for the meta-verse and hope to have a good following and backing for it. I bring this up here because going forward this is were i will be updating and blogging my movement, this is were i ask to have my "Warriors of Ryura" to share you energy to keep this blog running

Invite others that you would feel that would support me, comment like the post and become a member (Its free) This is the Genesis i have made my first steps and i am sending this message to those that wish to be part of something that will support others.

This is not just my story this is our Travel and we will walk together

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Jaysen Tetsuda

its good to see that you are still alive! What ever your are going through you have support and will stand with you!

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