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We shall not call this the end....

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Ive always wanted to be a designer.... more of a creator. What I see in my mind is not just a gown or a garment but I truly see a persona. A vision of someone in full gear. It started off with paper dolls and I wanted to recreate pieces that I could not find in stores to wear I saw people in my dreams and visions who wanted to walk with me. I am Damion Ryura, this is my blog... my canvas to my creative writing... where I share my thoughts before they take form. I wanted to start this so that I would be able to keep a track of my thoughts and plans for projects. Its a inside view of things to come and the history of my creativity.

I created House of Ryura to be more than just a fashion house but a place for artist to feel that they have a voice in this world. A house that stands with you, supports you and represents you. I am not here to be the next Valentino or Givenchy, I want those that feel they have no voice know they have a weapon to give them that voice. You can call me a Artist Crusader for the young and old, I also love to design and show off. But I dont want to go off in a tangent. My goal again is to share and to unit so enough about the fight check out the GALLERY share your thoughts in the comments..

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